Our services

FRUITAG AG stands for a high quality of service at every level. You can rely on us to master every challenge, expected or unexpected, as we work with our long-established and far-reaching network of suppliers and partners. If a harvest fails for example, we work to find flexible solutions and to deliver on time.

Being responsible also means respecting resources. It therefore goes without saying that we support fair trade, in the interests of our customers and consumers. This means that our products are certified, with the Max Havelaar Fairtrade certificate for example, and the usual trade standards including SGF, KOSCHER, ISO and HACCP. Upon request we can also supply BIO certified products and comply with the stringent standards applicable to baby food products.

Here you can find all certificates.

Consistent quality throughout the entire production chain

Quality from the very start

FRUITAG AG firmly believes in guaranteeing a consistently high level of quality along the entire production chain, from the very start. From the plant in the field or tree in the plantation, to delivery from our selected partner to the customer or end consumer, acknowledged experts monitor product quality. Particularly in the area of organic products and baby food, our main focus is the quality of each and every production stage.


Versatile solutions

FRUITAG AG is an expert in a broad range of packing solutions. Drawing on our long experience, we can provide our customers with individual advice tailored to their needs, specific transport routes and the particular consistency of the products concerned.






Plastic and steel drums

Lager bins



Certified partners

FRUITAG AG sets itself high quality benchmarks throughout its process management. As part of this, we only work with certified partners in the area of storage, packing and processing (ISO, HACCP, KOSCHER). We monitor adherence to stringent hygiene rules through ongoing analysis, allowing our customers to rest easy.


Reliable time management

FRUITAG AG offers flexible and reliable product transport from every continent to the customer. We take care of all interim storage and customs clearance processes, ensuring that the goods arrive with our customers on time and in the promised Quality.

Quality management

Consistent quality

FRUITAG AG guarantees consistent quality management, starting at the plantation. Every step is supervised and certified, with full documentation. We work closely with recognised laboratories in Germany, the UK, Italy and France to guarantee standards (SGF, KOSCHER, ISO and HACCP). We are also continually launching projects designed to improve the physical traceability of the products even further. The benefits for our customers include consistent product and service quality, coupled with transparency.