Strong competence

FRUITAG AG was established in 1993 by Max A. Rehder and has grown into a renowned company with international customers and suppliers. Clearly defined responsibilities, short decision-making channels, diplomacy and a personable approach to people from all over the world are just some of the pillars underpinning our company's expertise and value-oriented culture.

FRUITAG AG has been active in the global market for fruit juice concentrates for over 30 years and is the leader in Switzerland in the areas of Fairtrade and orange juice concentrate. Our premises are the satisfaction and success of our customers. Offering them the highest quality at fair prices is what spurs us on. Our professionalism is based on :

  • sound expert knowledge
  • diverse product and market experience
  • international network
  • close relationships with partners in regions across the world
  • reliability and flexibility
  • ethical values

Proven tradition with innovative spirit

Forward-looking perspective

FRUITAG AG combines proven traditions with future-oriented perspectives. Changing framework conditions, caused by new technologies and more specific customer needs, characterize a dynamic market. We meet this challenge on the one hand with openness, flexibility, forward-looking thinking and action, and on the other hand with our calculable, ethical values. In this way, our customers participate in a growing, modern product range with a constant promise of quality at every level of production and distribution.

Fruitag implements fair trade

Close cooperation with on-site cooperation

Slide Fruitag AG counts cooperatives in Brazil, Mexico, and India among its valued suppliers. Slide Brazil: Field work
Slide Brazil: Direct from the field to processing Slide Mexico: unloading station for picked fruits Slide Mexico: bottling plant
Slide Max Rehder on a visit to the cooperatives Slide Oranges fresh from the tree

Worldwide networking

Cooperation with producers, suppliers, logistics companies, certified partners, etc.

Fruitag is guided by its principles:

Fruitag implements fair trade:

  • We maintain long-term relationships with our farmers.
  • We are present on the ground and in regular contact.
  • We support cooperatives directly with fast payments, know-how for sustainable cultivation, and environmentally friendly harvesting.
  • We commit to purchase the agreed quantity each year, as this leads to stable and secure incomes for the farmers.
  • We are committed to training farmers and field workers
  • We oppose child labor, and children must attend school. 
  • We support projects such as nurseries for young trees and know-how transfer to farmers.
  • We create transparency because farmers visit our customers, and our customers visit our farmers. 
  • We can guarantee 100% traceability.
  • Individual, smaller cooperatives usually have little chance on their own due to quality and logistical disadvantages compared to networked, larger cooperatives, or are exploited by large players. Fruitag coordinates the quantities of small family cooperatives and aims to treat and integrate all of them equally = “solidarity”.

Our mission